Based in North Walsham, Norfolk and working with the Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association to provide a professional and friendly New Build Air Testing service to building projects throught East Anglia.

  • Air Tightness Testing / Air Permeability Testing / Air leakage Testing is a requirement of UK Building Regulation L1A.
  • The 2013 edition of Approved Document L1A: Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings is the current edition for use in England.
  • Our work is carried out using many calculations from your building plans, a computer and a computer controlled fan in a doorway of your FINISHED building. This measures the UNCONTROLLED airflow making sure that your new building does not have any unnecessary air leaks / potential heating loss, to comply with Building Regulation L1A.
  • We are here to help you to achieve your ATTMA (Air Tightness Testing Measurement Association) certificate which Building Control needs before they can sign off your building as completed.
Roger Clarke, proprietor of Abbey Air Testing

Why use Abbey Air Testing?

You may ask yourself why you should use Abbey Air Testing rather than one of the many New Build Air Testing businesses throughout the UK. All New Build Air Testing businesses offer a similar service and are required to use equipment that give the same results. Here at Abbey Air testing we offer a friendly and honest service to new build projects in Norfolk and throughout East Anglia and offer competitive rates because we're on your doorstep. We're also members of the Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association so you're guaranteed of a professional service.

Roger Clarke

ATTMA - Air Tightness Testing Measurement Association

What is ATTMA?

ATTMA Members are registered & audited air tightness testers which are independently audited and certified, with a scope covering air tightness testing to the ATTMA Technical Standards (TSL1 &/or TSL2) and BS EN:13829 (2001). This allows ATTMA member companies to demonstrate knowledge and understanding, enabling the testers to test both commercial and domestic developments in accordance with relevant building regulations.

ATTMA is approved by Governments in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ATTMA is listed in the relevant Building Regulations as an authorised competent persons scheme (CPS) for the air tightness testing industry.

What's Involved...

Calculations: The floor, ceiling, walls to unheated areas, cold roof, warm roof, penetrations, services, gas, electricity, water, drains, stench pipe, loft hatch seal.

Fan: Incorporating sensors, gently taking air in or out of the building, giving 10 (min 7) readings at different pressures, the fan measuring the airflow, which equates to the UNCONTROLLED airflow of the building.

Trickle vents, open windows/doors, bathroom/kitchen extractors are controlled airflow.
The readings are put into the computer software, along with inside and outside temperatures, outside windspeed, barometric pressure, taken before and after the test.
The result will be given by the computer and determined by the AIR TIGHTNESS OF THE BUILDING.


ATTMA Registered
UKAS Calibration Certificate
CSCS card holder

Once your building has passed the test, the data will be lodged with ATTMA, they will generally within 24 hours issue the pass certificate to us, we will email this to you or your local Building Control, which will allow building control to issue your completion certificate.

Coming from a construction background, we will work with you so as to cause minimum disruption and help you to achieve a successful pass first time. 

We require electricity 240v or 110v. 

CONTACT Roger Clarke

Telephone: 07753 626202

New Build Air Testing in progress
ATTMA Registered
UKAS Calibration Certificate
CSCS card holder


Phone: 07753 626202


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